Bereavement Program

“Attending the Bereavement Program was one of the best things I have done for myself.”

Bereavement Program

The time of grieving is often the most painful and overwhelming period that a person will experience. Inevitably, grief touches all of our lives. Hospice of Yuma has a bereavement program in place for those family members who are left behind after the loss of their loved one who was on our services. However, Hospice of Yuma also makes available a community bereavement program designed to help people coping with grief and loss. We often find that those who are grieving have lost someone to a sudden death, which can be traumatic to those left behind. At Hospice of Yuma, we offer the same support and counseling in our community bereavement program as we offer to our families who have had a loved one receiving hospice services.

Bereavement Services Include

  • Telephone calls and cards following the death. The purpose of our program is to provide timely emotional and empathic.
  • Home or office visits at the request of bereaved family members to offer compassionate listening, caring, and direction.
  • Self-help through materials and referrals.
  • The Annual Memorial Service, which gives family members and staff an opportunity to celebrate the lives and honor the memories of loved ones who died on hospice services.
  • Scheduled group support, both educational and social.

How Follow-Up Care Can Help You Overcome Grief

  • By making available a trusted and compassionate person who can be with you and listen to your concerns.
  • By providing education about the grief process and what you might expect to have happen during your period of bereavement.
  • By teaching new ways to cope with the stress of loss and grief.
  • By providing help in becoming involved in a new life – seeking out new support persons, groups, and activities.
  • By simply knowing that someone is available in time of need, you may feel relieved and more secure about your situation.

Ways to Help Yourself

  • Sharing your thoughts and ideas out loud can often help you to gain a better perspective about the meaning and effects of your loss.
  • Discussing painful feelings such as despair, anger, or guilt is a way to reduce their intensity.
  • Reminiscing about your loved one will help you gain a better perspective on the relationship that you shared together.
  • Discussing with someone the changes you are experiencing in your life may ease the transition to a new beginning.

Support Groups

  • Victims of Homicide Grief Group
  • Hospice of Yuma Grief Support Group

(both are open to the community, and the groups are made up of men and women).

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