How We Can Help

“In that emotional rollercoaster of a time, Hospice of Yuma made our lives so much easier, helping us prepare for a major life change.”

How We Can Help

Your hospice team of professionals and volunteers work for you. Not only will you receive the finest medical care under our medical director and nurses who work closely with your own doctor, but you and your family may benefit from a social worker, a chaplain, a bereavement coordinator, licensed nursing assistants, homemakers, and a host of volunteers. The benefits, our patients tell us, are significant.

An important thing to remember is that you and your family make determinations about your needs and your care. You have choices and everyone at Hospice of Yuma is committed to carrying out your wishes and helping you meet your goals as best we can.

Who is Part of the Home Hospice Team?

Medical Director – Hospice of Yuma has a full-time Medical Director who works with your primary care physician to make sure you receive the best care possible. The hospice interdisciplinary team, led by our medical director, personalizes every patient’s care plan to ensure that our focus is customized to provide effective palliative care, including pain and symptom management, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nurses – All of the nurses at Hospice of Yuma are experienced licensed RN’s and have extensive training in Hospice and Palliative medicine. The Hospice of Yuma nursing staff provides physical assessments, communication with your physician, medication management, direct nursing care, patient/caregiver instruction, emotional support, and end-of-life education.

Social Workers – Our hospice social workers provide guidance related to community resources and services that may help patients and families. Our social worker visits with you to assess, evaluate, and provide counseling, education, and to assist you in setting up resources as needed.

Licensed Nursing Assistants – With amazing efficiency and compassion, our hospice certified nursing assistants provide a positive presence for patients and families, assisting with daily living tasks such as hygiene, grooming and skin care.

Chaplains – Both of the Hospice of Yuma Chaplains have been certified in Palliative Care. Our chaplains complement, but do not, of course, usurp the role of the family’s clergy. Our chaplains offer counseling and the support necessary to provide peace of mind. Spiritual support can help with complicated grief issues. The patient may need spiritual support to help them get through death. Whether the patient has lost touch with God, or with other people in their lives, our chaplains can assist with these issues. Conversations with our chaplains provide one additional avenue of support for patients and their families.

Homemakers – Hospice of Yuma homemakers are available to assist patients and families with light housekeeping and laundry, allowing caregivers and families to spend time with the patient.

Bereavement Coordinators – Grief support is available to family members as they deal with the loss of a loved one. Our trained grief support team is available to our patients’ families for at least a year, providing phone calls, visits, support groups, grief support activities, and educational programs. All of our grief support staff members have been certified as grief counselors through the Grief Recovery Method.

Volunteers – Our volunteers bring an added element to hospice care, offering companionship in various manners, whether it is by watching a movie, reading aloud, putting a photo album together, running errands, grocery shopping, or just being present in the patient’s company. Volunteers are the heart of Hospice of Yuma. Hospice of Yuma volunteers go through extensive training and preparation to be able to help our patients and families.

Medications – Medications related to a hospice diagnosis are provided at no additional charge, with delivery available 24/7. Local pharmacists, along with the physician and nurses, oversee all medications for Home Hospice patients. For those patients with multiple prescriptions, that service is greatly appreciated. Home Hospice staff members receive education and guidance in effective medication utilization through constant communication with pharmacies.

Medical equipment – Medical equipment can ease symptoms, assist with mobility or make care easier. The Home Hospice Team partners with a company that delivers needed devices and oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no charge. Knowledgeable personnel come to the patient, set up the equipment, and provide instructions for use.

Education and outreach – Hospice of Yuma provides many educational opportunities, support groups, workshops, a lending library, a newsletter, and a speaker’s bureau.

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