Legacy Partner Program

"It’s important to help the community especially with a nonprofit that helps people with terminal illnesses who might not be able to pay for care. I know my monthly gift helps in that small but significant way."

Legacy Partner Program

From the very beginning, Hospice of Yuma’s goal was to help the terminally ill in our community be able to stay in their home setting, pain free, and surrounded by their loved ones. As part of our mission, we believe that everyone should have access to compassionate, quality end-of-life care. Hospice of Yuma has cared for thousands of terminally ill patients in the Yuma community over the past three decades. We have never turned away a patient because they did not have insurance or the ability to pay. Given the tough economic times we are living in and the high unemployment rates we are experiencing in Yuma County, it has become increasingly difficult to raise money to assist with our Charitable Care Program. That is why the Legacy Partner Program is such an important component to our work at Hospice of Yuma. You can help make a difference in a meaningful way by becoming a Legacy Partner today.


In many ways, by becoming a Legacy Partner you will be our ambassadors assisting Hospice of Yuma in the vital mission of caring for the terminally ill. The Legacy Partner Program has six giving levels to choose from and partner benefits for each level so that each Legacy Partner has the opportunity to become more involved with Hospice of Yuma.

The minimum donation to become a Legacy Partner is $160, which happens to be the average cost of one day of hospice care for a terminally ill patient. For a gift of $160, a Legacy Partner has the ability to cover the cost of needed pain medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies in addition to compassionate care provided by registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, certified nursing assistants and other medical staff for a single day. For a patient and family with no insurance or ability to pay for care, the gift a Legacy Partner gives is priceless. Gifts can be made in memory or in honor of a loved one or friend.


Please note, as a Legacy Partner you may make your contributions on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. If you wish, we will e-mail quarterly or annual reminders for your convenience. You might also choose to set up automatic contributions online.

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