Why Hospice of Yuma

“My Hospice of Yuma family continues to be by my side with every twist and turn.”

Why Hospice of Yuma

Yuma County has grown. We have a population of approximately 200,000 people that spans Yuma, Wellton, Tacna, Roll, Somerton, Gadsden, Lake Martinez and San Luis, AZ, and we continue to grow. This means that Hospice of Yuma is no longer the only hospice in town. We are however, the first and only non-profit hospice, and have proudly served the community since 1981. We believe in our mission of taking care of the terminally ill in our area regardless of their ability to pay. You and your loved ones won’t find an organization that carries that responsibility to heart the way we do. We provide quality care from Day 1. The end-of-life phase is hard enough on a family; it’s our job to make sure that we are a professional and caring partner to you, providing a much needed service.

Here’s what one of our nurses had to say about her work here, and she highlights our mission with succinct clarity.

“You know the saying: When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life? Well, I have found this is not completely true. I have been an RN case manager with Hospice of Yuma for the past seven years. I do have days where I work very hard, but I can honestly say I truly love what I do. This calling has changed me as a person and as a nurse. I am invited into the homes of strangers who very quickly become friends. I feel I have a purpose, whether it is by helping someone who is in severe pain find comfort, or comforting a grieving fearful family. My fear when I started working for Hospice of Yuma was whether I could be around so much sadness each day because commercials and Hallmark cards make me tear up. I found out that with the sadness, there is also joy. I find myself laughing with my patients and listening to their life stories and lessons. I receive a gift from them each day because I now understand the importance of friendship, community, and family. I have come to understand that, in the end, that is what matters most and all we leave behind are memories. Some are good, and some bad but all of them have purpose and meaning. My patients and families thank me when I leave their homes and I find myself saying thank you back. This is because I am truly grateful for what families do for their loved ones and for the laughter and even the tears my patients and families share with me.” – Amy Turner, RN

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